About Us

We are Little Autobots established in 2017. Our coaches are degree holder in Enginering and Computer Science. STEAM education system is our first choice to teach our next generation. We encourage youngsters to practice critical thinking, creative and innovative in their daily live.

They are living in high technology era with unlimited possibilities to success, let us help them to "dig" out their potential. Today let start fundamental together with Little Autobots!

Our Missions

Patient & Passion

Children can find their interest during the learning process. Let children to know what they like and learn from the fails.

Brave & Confident

Be strong and never give up when children meet difficulty. Children will be more confident in every each time the solve the diffculty.

Independent & Discipline

Manage their own time and make their own plan. They will need to done the whole progress up to 90% by themselves.

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